A commercial ice machine that produces diced ice is considered to be regular ice, which is the shape most are used to. This is what you will find in carbonated beverages, mixed drinks, ice displays, ice dispensers, and banquet services.

Contour cube is also ideal for carbonated beverages, mixed drinks, ice displays and ice dispensing. The benefit of these ice cubes is that it will reduce splashes because the shape encourages the liquid to flow over easily.

Lastly, nugget ice is ideal for blended cocktails, bar fountain drinks, salad bars and therapeutic needs. Because the ice melts rather slowly, it will cool a drink much faster without forming any foam.

When shopping for a commercial ice machine there are several things you want to take into consideration. Everything from the unit as a whole to the ice shape should be looked at to make sure you get exactly what you desire.Washing machines are broadly categorized into semi-automatic and automatic washing machines:

Semi automatic washing machine: This consists of two tubs placed adjacent to each other  bigger one is wash-tub and smaller one is spin-tub. Semi-automatic washing machine is named so because the cleaning is done partly by the machine and partly by the person operating the machine.

Washing machine manufacturers manufacture the machine for the convenience of the person operating the machine. The wash tub cleanses the clothes by rubbing them and removing all the dust and dirt from the cloth. Spin tub takes care of the rinsing of clothes. Semi-automatic washing machine has separate timer for separate tubs. This enables separate functioning of the spin and wash-tub.

Another important part is that if you want to rinse clothes then you can use spin tub without operating the two tubs at one time.

Washing machine manufactures takes care of the needs of the customers and designs the products which helps in easy cleaning and easy rinsing. One should be careful to use good quality washing powder to swell the life of the machine.

Automatic washing machines: Cleaning and rinsing through one machine, itself. These cleanse, and rinse through one tub only. Some variants are front-loaded while others are top-loading. The front-loaded washing machines are further categorized into heater and non-heater variants.

Heater warms-up or heats-up the water and washes clothes in hot or warm water as the person wants to wash. Washing machine manufacturers are always manufacturing the machines as per customer preferences.