Eliminating the fake distress, Vacuum Machine receives a soared sales in Tmall and other electronic business platform. View of Taobao Tmall appliance transaction data in 2011, soybean milk come out on top with 21% of sales and become the most popular small household appliances. Joyoung become the first brand of small appliances with a proportion of 26% in Taobao, however, Midea, Supor, Galanz rank from two to four.

Department of Industry and commerce has guides to investigate and deal, eliminating Soymilk machine market

Industrial and commercial quality inspection departments from all districts joint dealt with a number of major fake soymilk machine manufacturing dens. It is reported that, since 2012, within a few months many fake Joyoung Soymilk manufacturers have been investigated in Guangdong Foshan, Hebei Xingtai, Shandong Zhanhua and so on. Last November, with the judgment of dealing and punishing dozens of Taobao sellers like Zhejiang Jinhua Yongkang selling fake Joyoung soymilk machine, it also sounded the alarm for similar violations.

Parameters such as grinding degree, slag rate, nutrient concentration are clearly defined. For other factors like 600 cycles, solid content, it also proposes manufacturers of high level technology and production requirements, in turns improving product quality of the industry as a whole. Soymilk machine’s brand concentration has growing high with depth implementation of the CNS. It has shown that from more than 200 brands on the market in 2010, a number of small manufacturers and cottage inferior brands which lack of R&D capabilities and after-sales service capabilities, already disappeared.

Zhongshan City Yipin Electric Co., Ltd. is located Zhongshan, committing to improving the quality of life and saving energy. The main products include bladeless fans, electromagnetic oven, soybean milk machine and so on.Biomass briquetting machine First Time In India For new business concept .this business established for High benefits In This Project For Biomass Briquetting .Biomass briquetting technology has been developed in More Country . These machines are designed and engineered upon the properties and profile of raw material to be processed and its availability in the region where it is going to be installed.